Quote1.png 'Penzler's beyond our help.' If I wasn't so tired, I'd crack right up. Crack right up. Quote2.png
-- Ashleigh Penzler

Appearing in "Fields of Gold"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Stevie
  • Mr. Quince
  • Mr. Harris

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Fields of Gold"Edit

Asleigh Penzler tortures Dr. Casey Howlett with fire.

Thorn takes out a limo driver outside Mr. Harris' estate. She puts him in the trunk. Then she walks the city and takes down a couple drug dealers and calls the police anonymously to turn them in.

Rose becomes the dominant personality and sees the costume Thorn has her wearing and freaks out. She goes to see Detective Mercado who calls his partner, Detective Curtis Leland. Leland calls Mr. Quince of the 100. Rose gets a call from Dr. Chritlow, who says a phrase he established to trap Thorn in Rose's subconscious for good.

There is a knock at the door and Rose answers it to find a vengeful Ashleigh Penzler.


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