Quote1.png You listen up. I let her dad and mom die. I let her be stuck in a cage for nutcases. I'm not putting her back inside. I'll eat a bullet first. Quote2.png
-- Curtis Leland

Appearing in "Forrest Fire"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Harris
  • Mr. Quince

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Synopsis for "Forrest Fire"Edit

Ashleigh Penzler pours accelerant on Rose Forrest and prepares to set her on fire. Ashleigh sets Rose on fire and Rose takes her clothes off to avoid getting burned.

Detective Curtis Leland goes to see Mr. Harris to plead for his Rose's (his niece) life. Mr. Quince shoots him.

Back at Rose's apartment, Ashleigh continues taunting Rose until finally, Thorn becomes the dominant personality and begins fighting back. Thorn is beating the stuffing out of Ashleigh when Rose becomes the dominant personality again and she hugs Ashleigh and begins comforting her.

Leland's body is found along with a notepad detailing every criminal activity he participated in, including a confession to the murder of Rose's parents.


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