The Royal Flush Gang

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The Royal Flush Gang
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Las Vegas, Atlantic City, most major cities in the United States.


Quote1 The Royal Flush Gang is no longer just a costumed cadre of common criminals. With branches in every major city in the country, they've become a national menace. Quote2
-- Vixen

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  • Ace Android
  • Ace Exoskeleton: To complement his already big strength, Ernest Clay used an exoskeleton. Apart from enhanced strength, it also had a large gamma blaster at the chest.
  • Insulated Suits: Wanda Wayland's suit was able to shield her from the vacuum of space; a special membrane over her face mask allowed her to breathe.
  • Sceptre Royale: Mona Taylor bore a scepter that could alter her appearance into any other woman.
  • Stellaration: An odd-changing mechanism developed by Amos Fortune. Only used when he was part of the gang.



  • Crossbows: Ten's Little Indians were armed with crossbows.
  • Cybernetic eye: The third Jack of Spades was the first to give up one eye (albeing involuntarily). Several subsequent Jacks have had either one or two eyes replaced with a laser.
  • Firearms: Members have used a variety of standard firearms.
  • Lance: One of the new weapons of the first Ace of Spades, this lance could shoot acid-tipped spades.
  • Lasers: Several members have had wrist-mounted laser guns.
  • Playing cards: Either normal playing cards or modified ones, used as throwing weapons.
  • Spades: The Gambler gave Mona Taylor a wrist-mounted launcher that could shoot spade-shaped blades.
  • Staff: Several members have used a variety of laser and ray-shooting staffs and scepters.
  • Swords: Several members have used swords, both ordinary and laster shooting.



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