Author(s) Leigh Rubin
Current status / schedule Running
Syndicate(s) Creators Syndicate
Genre(s) Humor

Rubes is a syndicated newspaper single panel cartoon created by Leigh Rubin in 1984.

Leigh Rubin began making and distributing his own greeting cards in 1979 through his company Rubes. The cartoon Rubes began appearing in newspapers in 1984 and is since 1989 syndicated by Creators Syndicate to over 400 newspapers worldwide, and was published in paperbacks from 1988 on.[1] It was pulled from the Brigham Young University student newspaper The Daily Universe after several complaints by readers, but seems to have attracted little controversy otherwise.[2]

Being a popular cartoon, Rubes is also heavily merchandized, with calendars, greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts, ...[3]

Rubes hasn't won one of the major comics or cartoon awards yet, but has won a few minor awards like a bronze award at ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year.[4]


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