Quote1.png See after Gert got killed...our Gert...Chase and Old Lace kinda ran away. We don't know if they're ever coming back. Quote2.png
-- Molly Hayes

Appearing in "Dead Means Dead, Chapter One"Edit

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Synopsis for "Dead Means Dead, Chapter One"Edit

The Runaways are coping with Gert's death in different ways. Nico and Victor begin a relationship, Molly asks the Leapfrog if Gertrude is in Heaven, and Karolina and Xavin begin to discuss the subject of death. Meanwhile, a former policeman who had been responsible for investigating the Pride sells a talisman owned by them to an elderly shopkeeper. The shopkeeper becomes a monster and rampages through Los Angeles, especially Starbucks shops. The kids then head out to stop it.



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