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Sakaar is the fourth planet from the star Tayo, a member of the grouping of eight major heavenly bodies that comprise the Tayo Star System within the Fornax Galaxy.

Sakaar is the only planet within the Tayo Star System known to be inhabited by sentient life. The planet and its moons are currently inhabited by four main sentient species, although the question of which of these species is actually native to the planet is a debated topic among the inhabitants. In addition, various other off-world species have become stranded on the planet's surface in recent years.

Sakaar is considered a savage planet that is full of extremes. However, it is the most geographically diverse planet in the Tayo Star System. Outer regions once included great deserts with incredible rock formations, tropical paradises at the foothills of steaming volcanoes, mountainous arctic wastelands, great archipelagos, lakes, and oceans. Sakaar exhibits vast expanses of untamed wilderness populated by a great variety of dangerous non-sentient creatures, both large and small. The planet is orbited by two satellites: Aakar and Sabyr - the Broken Moon.

During the height of the Spike War which plagued Sakaar for decades, a cosmic vortex opened in the planet's orbit. Upon the vortex's first appearance, it emitted a powerful blast of energy that shattered the moon Sabyr and caused massive earthquakes and tidal waves on Sakaar's surface. At first, the inhabitants of Sakaar, already beleaguered by the Spike War, viewed the arrival of the vortex as a sign of the end of their world. However, in time, the people of Sakaar learned that the vortex brought valuable detritus to their planet in the form of off-world technology and extraterrestrial species. Naming it the Great Portal, the inhabitants soon came to view the vortex as a boon rather than a curse.

The inhabitants of Sakaar have been unable to determine the cause of the Great Portal's arrival, but they theorize its first appearance was related to the Spikes, extraterrestrial invaders whose arrival on Sakaar triggered the Spike War. The Great Portal sporadically disappears and reappears, depositing technological detritus and exotic alien species from all corners of the universe onto the planet's surface upon reopening. The inhabitants have been unable to track its movement or fully explain its seemingly random comings and goings.

Most recently the planet was destroyed by Galactus after he easily defeated Skaar Son of Hulk and his own herald Silver Surfer.

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As a last resort in a fight between Red King and Hulk, Red King activated a mechanism that moved the tectonic plates of the planet to cause its destruction. Hulk saved Sakaar from destruction by throwing himself into the sea of lava, holding the cracked tectonic plates and pulling them together.

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