Quote1 I seek the King of Dreams. Am I going the right way? (reply) How can you not go to him, when all the ways are his? Quote2
-- The Young Monk and Cain

Appearing in "Chapter 5 & 6"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • A Young Monk
  • A Fox


  • The Master of Yin and Yang (in reference only)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Chapter 5 & 6"Edit

The Young Monk enters the Dreaming with the token. He briefly encounters Cain and Abel. He encounters a huge, lion-headed, golden dragon guarding the gates of a temple. The Young Monk shows the token to the dragon and is allowed to pass. He then encounters Matthew, the Raven, who leads him into the temple. After a time, the King of Dreams appears. He tells the Young Monk that he is welcome in this place, but should not be here. The Young Monk pleads for the life of the Fox. The King of Dreams questions the Young Monk’s concern, and the Young Monk admits that he grew fond of her while she pretended to be a woman. The King of Dreams tells the Young Monk that he granted the Fox a gift, allowing her to dream the third dream of opening the box with the key for him. He points the Young Monk to where the Fox lays, and is told to follow her. The Young Monk then finds a key in a box, and opens it. He finds himself falling inside it. The box then appears to be a room that he is standing in. In there, he finds a mirror. On the back is a painting of two men: a proud man, whom the Young Monk does not know is the Master of Yin and Yang, and himself, covered with mold. He turns the mirror over and sees a beautiful young lady. It is the Fox! She explains how she went to the Baku and entered his dreams to save him and tells him to leave. The Young Monk tells her that he cares for her and will not leave without her. He uses the token and summons the King of Dreams. He states that the dream that the Fox dreamt was his by rights, and asks for its return. The King of Dreams releases the Fox from the mirror, to her dismay. Then, the Young Man and the Fox say goodbye.



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