Quote1 Nothing is done entirely for nothing. Nothing is wasted. Take what you have learned and move on. Quote2
-- The Fox Spirit

Appearing in "Conclusion"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • A Young Monk
  • A Fox


  • The Master of Yin and Yang

Other Characters:


  • Feudal Japan



Synopsis for "Conclusion"Edit

The Young Monk says good-bye to the beautiful young woman who was the Fox and is sent into the mirror. The Fox vows revenge on the Master of Yin and Yang. The Young Monk tells her to seek not revenge, but the Buddha. The Fox counsels with the Fox Spirit, who agrees that it is wiser to seek the Buddha. The Fox concedes that she shall seek the Buddha – after she seeks revenge! The Fox returns from the Dreaming and finds the Young Monk’s body. He dies the following day. The Master of Yin and Yang takes his devices, the box, the key, porcelain plates, and the silk cloth which once showed him and the Young Monk but now shows only his face, and buries them near the roots of a tree. The Master of Yin and Yang felt relieved and happy. On the next full moon, the Master of Yin and Yang is visited by a beautiful young lady. She asks for advice, pays him in gold, and swiftly departs. The Master of Yin and Yang becomes obsessed with the beautiful young woman. He consults his oracles, and they tell him that the man she loved is dead and they laugh at him. The Master of Yin and Yang heads to the beautiful young woman’s house and dines with her. He asks to have her sexually, and she states that he would need to leave his wife and concubine and be her’s, and her's alone. She says that he would also need to get rid of his house so that he could live with her, in her house. Finally, she said that he would need to abandon his magic, to be her’s, otherwise she would fear that he could turn her into a bird if displeased. On the following night, the Master of Yin and Yang gathers his magic items and sets fire to his home, killing his wife, concubine, and servants. He then proceeds to the house where the three old ladies live and he sets fire to it as well, although their bodies are not found. The Master of Yin and Yang returns to the beautiful young woman, tells her what he has done, and gives her his magic items. She tells him to disrobe and he complies.Now, having lost his house, wife, concubine, magic, and clothing, the beautiful young woman goes to kiss him, changes into a Fox, and bites him on the head! The Fox then swiftly departs. The next morning, the Master of Yin and Yang is found in the ruins of an old house that, it turns out, was once inhabited by the Young Monk when he was a child - the Master of Yin and Yang had been in service to the Lord that had caused the downfall of the Young Monk's family. The Master of Yin and Yang spends the rest of his days begging alone and unhappy. The Fox and the Young Monk live happily ever after, perhaps, in dreams.



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