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  • Dream addresses a tortured prisoner of Hell named Nada who begs his forgiveness. Nada's crime, and the reason why Dream won't forgive her are revealed in greater detail in Sandman #9.
  • First actual appearance of Choronzon. He made a behind-the-scenes appearance in Sandman #1 and a behind-the-scenes flashback appearance in issue #2.
  • This issue reveals that Dream's name in African culture is Kai'ckul.
  • Hell became a triumvirate as a result of a civil war which was sparked by the appearance of the Great Darkness. The events that led to this war culminated in Swamp Thing Vol 2 #50
  • The demons Agony and Ecstacy make cameo appearances in this issue. They were last seen in Hellblazer #12, where they were first introduced.


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