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Appearing in "The Sound of Her Wings"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Death Next Appearance of Death (First appearance)


  • None

Other Characters:

  • Esmé (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Franklin (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Harry (Only appearance; dies)[1]




  • None

Synopsis for "The Sound of Her Wings"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This issue is the first modern appearance of the personification of Death. Unlike previous incarnations, this version of Death is not represented as a ghastly, robed skeleton holding a scythe. Instead, Gaiman's Death appears in the form of a teenage girl who fashions herself after the modern day Goth subculture. Ironically, Death wears the sign of the Ankh about her chest. The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for immortality. Death is introduced as one of a family of immortal cosmic beings known as the Endless. Although her physical representation is that of a teenager, she is actually Dream's older sister. As the reality of death existed on Earth before sentient beings harnessed the ability to dream, it stands to reason that she is actually significantly older than her sibling.


  • The primary setting for this issue is never actually revealed, but the depiction of the arch on page one indicates that this is Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York.
  • In one scene, the words "No one here gets out alive!" can be seen scrawled on a wall behind Death and Dream. The quote is a line of dialogue from the 1968 song "Five To One" by the Doors. It appeared on the album Waiting for the Sun. The line was also used for the title to late lead singer Jim Morrison's biography, written by Jerry Hopkins.
  • Death makes several allusions to Mary Poppins in this issue. Mary Poppins was the titular protagonist in Pamela Lynden Travers' children's story Mary Poppins. The version that Death discusses however, is the musical movie adaptation, produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1964 starring Julie Andrews in the title role of Mary Poppins. Death talks favorably about the role of Mary Poppins' friend Bert, as played by Dick van Dyke - specifically, his exaggerated cockney accent.

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