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Savage Land. Formerly an underground city near the San Andres Moutains, New Mexico
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Most Saurians have long tails that are used to maintain balance
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Saurians vary in weight, height, eye and skin color and even the number of digits on their hands and feet. They also mature much more quickly than humans do.
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The radiation from a nuclear bomb test interacted with the local lizard species and created advanced reptilian beings.
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New Mexico
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When the first nuclear bomb impacted the New Mexico mountain range, a number of lizard species were irradiated and genetically altered. It took less than a decade for them to evolve and become bipedal digitigrades; as well as develop their own language and culture. They built an underground city to hide from man's superior technology.

When the Dire Wraiths attacked their race, Serpentyne swore vengeance. In this period, the Saurians ecountered Rom, who was sent there to fight the Dire Wraiths. The Saurian survivors later traveled to Savage Land, and were befriended by the X-Men. They became part of the United Tribes and were attacked by the Savage Land Mutates. Some time later, a few of the more peaceful Saurians were opposed and imprisoned by the Hauk'ka (an even further evolved Saurian race.) They were assisted by the X-Men who managed to stop the conflict between them.

Powers and Abilities



A small percentage of the species have evolved to possess various super-powers


None known.

Average Strength level

Superhuman. Some have even been shown to rip tanks apart with their bare hands.


None known.



Gravity: Gravity of this race is unknown.
Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown.
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: A majority of them live with no specific government type; except for Hauk'ka who are governed by a council of elders
Level of Technology: Initially the were technologically inferior to humans, but as their species evolved, so did their civilization.
Cultural Traits: The Saurians primary accomplishment is the devlopment of a growing civilization. They communicate verbally, speaking human dialects such as English; and later developed advanced technology that rivals humanity's own progress. Originating from numerous reptile species, there is a vast diversity amongst Saurians. Their warriors have tough scaly skin and enhanced strength. They also use larger (mentally inferior) Saurians to transport the smaller ones across great distances.

Another aspect of Saurian culture is a belief system surrounding the "Maker" of "the first egg." Some of the more powerful, carniverous Saurians hunt humans and even others of their kind for food.

  • Deceased: Aracht'yr, B'ok, Faelar, Guardian, Heamon, Serpentyne, Tak, M'dhar
  • Living: Jimi, Khadar, Madri, M'kai, Mirielle , Raptara, Reptyl, S'Gur, Viri, C'rel
  • Hauk'ka: Raina, Kaidan, Masano


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