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Scissormen are a race of beings that come from the city of Orqwith.

The authors of the book of Orqwith (and Grant Morrison, writer of the comic) based the Scissormen on the Tailor from The Tale of Little Suck-a-Thumb in the children's picture book Struwwelpeter. They function as Orqwith's answers to the Spanish Inquisition, attacking non-fictional entities in the "real world".

The Scissormen are clothed in red and black, and have featureless faces apparently covered in the same material. They speak in a seemingly random series of words when they talk, resembling dada poetry, created by cutting up text and rearranging its constituent words in a random order. Morrison got these suggestions from his word processor's spell check feature. They are shaped like men but when struck hard enough they are defeated and seem to leave nothing but cloth. They were finally destroyed along with Orqwith when the story was destroyed by a contradiction revealed in a solution to a variation on a traditional riddle.

Powers and Abilities


They attack using the large scissors they have in place of hands which they use to literally cut people out of reality.


None known.

Average Strength level

Individually, their strength is low. However, their endless numbers and the reality-warping, ever-expanding nature of Orqwith make the Scissormen as a group extremely dangerous to reality as a whole.


Unknown. Thankfully, they seem to be easily disposed of by regular means.


Habitat: All Scissormen come from Orqwith, a metafictional city created as a thought experiment.
Gravity: Orqwith's gravity is earth-like.
Atmosphere: Orqwith's atmosphere is breathable, if not earth-like.
Population: Unknown, but implied to be infinite in number.


Type of Government: Unknown, most likely a theocracy.
Level of Technology: Unknown, but implied to be beyond human comprehension.
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.
Representatives: A clock-faced priest in white, and an identical-looking priest in black.

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