Quote1 Can't risk anyone I care about seeing me burst into this thing, or they'd cart me away. Folks around here would probably think I'm the Devil or something. Quote2
-- Scratch

Appearing in "Scratch"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mabel
  • Mort

Other Characters:

  • Sage Perkins
  • Stevens girl




Synopsis for "Scratch"Edit

Batman investigates rumors of a teenage werewolf named Zack. Studying the case, he reflects upon the boy's origins in his mind.

When Zack was fifteen years old, he developed a physical abnormality on his right hand. This abnormality grew until it ultimately affected his entire body, transforming him into a werewolf. The werewolf stalked the forests of his neighborhood hunting the local wildlife. The following morning, Zack realized what he had become and decided to leave home.

He found shelter in the cabin of a deformed young woman named Sage Perkins. Sage cared for two young orphans, who like her, suffered their own physical deformities. Local villagers distrusted the family of freaks, and their distrust only grew when the town sheriff suspected them of kidnapping a young girl.

Late one evening, Zack discovered that a hideous looking creature was responsible for the girl's abduction and was found outside their cabin. Transforming into the werewolf, Zack attacked the creature in an effort to rescue the girl.


  • Scratch is a five-issue limited series.
  • Batman makes a cameo appearance only, and functions as a narrator to this story. His appearance in this series takes place after the As the Crow Flies storyline, but before the War Games story arc running through alternating issues of Batman and Detective Comics.


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