Seahn The First
Seahn in The First #3
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance The First
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Seahn
Species Demi-God (Secundae)
Team affiliations House Sinister
House Dexter
Abilities Earth control, Death rays, Super Strength, Teleportation, Power absorption, Flight

Seahn is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. He appeared in The First as one of the main characters. Seahn was not one of the original gods but instead was the child of two of the gods: Tulity and Braag; as a result he (and the other children of the gods) were called Secundae.

Character Details

Seahn is the personification of ambition. He is a natural leader and followed by many of the other Secundae of House Dexter. He often wears golden armor with green highlights on his right arm.

Seahn is the focus of much of The First comic series (along with his counterpart, Persha from House Sinister). Seahn has a complex relationship with one of the more powerful gods, Trenin the Hunter. Seahn's mother, Tulity, was hunted down and killed by Trenin as punishment for her attempted assassination of Altwaal. Trenin let Tulity live long enough to give birth to her child, then he took care of Seahn and raised him like a father. However Trenin never told Seahn who his father was and never formally adopted Seahn.

Seahn, driven by ambition, frustrated at the way the Secundae are kept out of power by the original gods, is guided and empowered by Enson, a fragment of Danik. Danik's motivations are rarely spelled out but his ultimate goal is to defeat Charon.

Early in the series, Seahn finds, then loses one of Altwaals Weapons (a short rod with a rings at both ends). This results in growing hostility between Seahn (with his Secudae friends) and the older gods, especially Trenin. Later in the series Seahn makes an alliance with Ingra and Braag. He then double-crosses them both, imprisoning Ingra and killing Braag (his real father). In short order, Seahn becomes the new leader of House Sinister.

Seahn is a nasty character, he betrays his friends in House Dexter and his allies in House Sinister, he first makes love to Ihroe, then leaves her branded and comatose, and personally kills at least three other gods (Laia, Braag, and Rho Rhustane).

Seahn's fate as the leader of House Sinister is somewhat unclear as the CrossGen company began to have financial difficulties and suddenly ended the First series with episode #37. In that episode Persha used Altwaal's sword and attacked (and killed?) Seahn.

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