Quote1 Okay, Commandos! Let's turn this thing around! Quote2
-- Nick Fury

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We begin the SHIELD helicarrier floating in the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. Mariah Hill and several SHIELD agents go to the flight deck to survey the damage. There they find Jarvis and some SHIELD agents already on the flight deck. Jarvis asks Mariah Hill if she is ready to offer her full and total surrender.

We cut to Thunderbolts Mountain where we see Captain Marvel kicking Venom’s ass. Normon Osborn approaches Captain Marvel and says that Captain Marvel does not act like who he appears to be. Osborn asks if Captain Marvel if he will have a drink with him and talk things out.

We hop over to Camp Hammond where the members of the Initiative are all being gathered together. Yellow Jacket arrives on the scene and tells everyone that New York is under attack by aliens, but he doesn’t know who they are exactly. Yellow Jacket tells the Initiative members that this is what they have been training for.

We shift to Time Square in New York where the Young Avengers are brawling with the Super Skrulls. Hulkling attempts to talk with the Super Skrulls figuring that the fact that he is half-Skrull might help. The Super Skrulls ignore Hulkling and continue their attack. The Super Skrulls get the upper hand and begin kicking ass on the Young Avengers. Suddenly, the cavalry arrives on the scene in the form of The Initiative members.

We slide over to the Savage Land where we see Spider-Woman attacking Echo. Echo tells Jessica to stop attacking. Echo says that she is not a Skrull. Spider-Woman responds “I know.” Spider-Woman then blasts Echo and takes Echo out.

We then see Tony working frantically to try and stop the Skrull virus that is infecting his tech. Spider-Woman walks into the lab and tells Tony that he can relax. That he did it. That his work on Earth is done. Spider-Woman says that Tony will go down in history as the greatest warrior in the Skrull armada. And that Tony will always and forever have the undying love of his queen. Spider-Woman then kisses Tony.

Tony yells “I am not a Skrull!” Spider-Woman explains that that is what Tony was trained to think. Spider-Woman says that she is sorry the truth had to be hidden from Tony. That Tony served the role of turning hero against hero and positioning himself as the world’s most important person.

Spider-Woman calls Tony by his Skrull name “Kr’Ali” and tells him that she praises him and loves him. That his day is well earned.

We cut back to Times Square where the Super Skrulls are laying a beating on both the Young Avengers and the Initiative members. Vision tells the Skrulls that they will not win. That others will come to stop them. The Super Skrulls answer back by blasting Vision’s head into little pieces. We then see the Skrulls killing a member of the Initiative.

The Super Skrulls stand victorious over the bodies of all the fallen heroes. Suddenly, the Super Skrulls begin to vibrate and then explode. We then see that Nick Fury in his SHIELD uniform and his new Howling Commandos have arrived on the scene.


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