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Quote1.png We lowlies had a saying. "Hope is the heart of pain, and only fear is eternal." On the other hand, I encourage rutting in the dirt with strangers at 'every available opportunity. Quote2.png
-- Insignificus

Appearing in "Double Date"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zyklon B Brothers

Other Characters:

  • Insignificus




Synopsis for "Double Date"

Jeannette wants Floyd to take her out for a night on the town, and since he's nervous about going alone with her, Scandal agrees to be his "wingman", taking along Liana, the stripper from her birthday party. Their date is ruined, however, by the arrival of the Zyklon B Brothers, the skinhead gang whom Catman mutilated several months earlier. Meanwhile, Ragdoll, sulking about not being invited on the date, hides out in the trunk of Deadshot's car, and soon succumbs to hypoxia-induced hallucinations.

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