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Star Sapphire and the Creeper kidnap Jean Loring, whose mental powers to cause disaster are judged helpful to the Secret Society's cause. Meanwhile, Captain Comet tries and fails to stop the Secret Society from stealing more of the Sorcerer's Treasures, and Gorilla Grodd shows Funky Flashman his new recruits for the Secret Society: Bizarro No. 1, Poison Ivy, Angle Man, and Sinestro.


  • This issue is divided into four chapters:
  • Part I: Who's the Leader
  • Part II: Of the Band
  • Part III: That's Killing
  • Part IV: You and Me

Alltogether the full title is "Who's the leader of the band that's killing you and me?" This is a play on the theme song from the Mickey Mouse Club. The original lyrics were "Who's the leader of the band that's made for you and me?"

  • The Creeper quits the Secret Society with this issue.


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