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  • Johnny Quick's speed enhancement helmet
  • Power Ring's mystic power ring and lamp
  • Super-Woman's magic lasso


Synopsis for "One Earth Too Many"Edit

Following the Wizard and his Secret Society of Super-Villians through the interdimensional barries who seek to journey to Earth-Two, Captain Comet and the Secret Society are swept up by an interdimensional energy surge and end up in the Earth-Three dimension.

Their trip accidently weakens the prison of the Crime Syndicate of Earth-Three allowing Power Ring, Super-Woman and Johnny Quick to escape. Landing on Earth-Three Captain Comet is confronted by three members of the Crime Syndicate as the Wizard and his team head onto their goal. In order to continue their journey to Earth-Two, The Wizard uses the Crime Syndicate members' power items including Johnny Quick's primary speed enhancement helmet.

Needless to say the Crime Syndicate are angered at losing their power items to the Secret Society but the Secret Society succeed in using them and leave Comet behind on Earth-Three to battle the enraged three Crime Syndicate members.


Ultraman and Owlman of Earth-Three are not freed in this episode. It is unclear if they had already escaped or were left behind in the prison.

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