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Appearing in "Crisis on Earth-Three"Edit

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  • Johnny Quick's speed enhancement helmet
  • Power Ring's mystic power ring and lamp
  • Super-Woman's magic lasso


Synopsis for "Crisis on Earth-Three"Edit

Freed from their interdimensional prison, the three members of the Crime Syndicate of America decide to restart their conquerance of Earth-Three. Due to years of non-use Power Ring's mystic lamp is leaking energy that is changing the human populace into monsters. Comet stops Power Ring's attack by seemingly destroying the lamp and recaptures Super-Woman and Johnny Quick before heading off to Earth-Two after the Wizard and the other Super-Villians.


  • While it appears that Comet destroys Power Ring's leaking lamp it is revealed in later stories that the lamp was not destroyed. Power Ring even repaired the lamp as he continued to use it until his death in the Crisis (as shown in Crisis on Infinite Earths #1.
  • The same is true of Johnny Quick' primary enhancement helmet which was shown to have been destroyed here but is not. Quick adapts a secondary helmet that he is shown wearing here which does not enhance his speed as much as the original one.
  • First appearance of Lois Lane of Earth-Three who will later inspire Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three to become her world's superhero and mother of Alexander Luthor, Jr. (Earth-Three).
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