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Synopsis for "Yorick's Skull"Edit

A drunken actor's understudy resents his bullying so when the understudy breaks Yorick's skull, he replaces it by cutting the actor's head off with an axe and boiling away the flesh. During the play, the skull doesn't hold still, rolling this way and that, ultimately causing the understudy to trip and decapitate himself on a prop. The last panel shows the two heads glaring at each other.

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Synopsis for "Haunted"Edit

A woman tells her husband that she thinks someone else is in the house because they did not leave the lights on when they left earlier. He doubts anything is amiss and reassures her that they must have forgotten that they left the light on. When they enter the bedroom the woman is sure that someone else is in the house because they did not leave the bed unmade. There is a noise downstairs and the couple investigate. When the interlopers get a look at the husband and wife, they flee in terror. The husband and wife are revealed to be ghosts haunting a house.

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