Quote1 ACH DU HIMMEL! Quote2
-- Nazi Officer, upon first sight of the Allied D-Day Invading Force

Appearing in "A Day of Thunder!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Francois (French Resistance Member)



  • Lasso


  • Nazi Motorcycle with Sidecar
  • Various Allied Naval Vessels & Airplanes
  • Nazi Air Fighters

Synopsis for "A Day of Thunder!"Edit

Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howlers swim to a private section of beach along Normandy, in preparation for the D-Day invasion scheduled for the next morning, and secure two Nazi sentries and their watchdog. Dino & Izzy swap their uniforms for those of the captured enemy soldiers. Fury meets up with a group of French resistance fighters. Dino & Izzy use forged documents to acquire a motorcycle and sidecar and then proceed to all the various enemy command posts in the vicinity of Normandy and convince all of the commanding officers that Himmler is holding a party that evening and that they are all invited to attend. That night, all the Nazi leaders gather for what they believe is a banquet in their honor but are soon rounded up by the French Underground and the Howlers and placed in a holding cell. The Howlers then set out to a local Nazi airfield where they destroy all the planes that could have been used in defense against the impending invasion. While trying to flee, after their successful blitzkrieg , the Howlers are captured and interrogated by the base’s Kommandant, Colonel Von Papen, regarding what their mission is really about. Von Papen informs Hitler that he believes they are a preliminary blow before a larger invasion but Hitler tells him that would be impossible and to execute the commandos at once. Von Papen obeys and has the Howlers lined up before a firing squad, but before the deed can be done, the French Resistance shows up and rescues Fury and his men. They make their way back to the beach just as the D-Day invasion is beginning and the Howlers take the lead storming the waiting German forces, who are set up in concrete bunkers. The Howlers manage to destroy two of the bunkers which allow the Allied forces to move into what had been considered an impregnable front. The Howlers are then carried back to England, wondering if this really will be the beginning of the end of the Nazi regime.

Appearing in "The Origin of S.H.I.E.L.D."Edit

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Synopsis for "The Origin of S.H.I.E.L.D."Edit

reprinted from Strange Tales #135

Appearing in "The Crackdown of Captain Flint"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Crackdown of Captain Flint"Edit

reprinted from Sgt. Fury and his Howlong Commandos #11


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