Quote1 I've "read" the future often enough to know the horrible truth. This is the only path where humanity has any hope of survival. The future unfolds as it must. Quote2
-- Dharma

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In the Shadowspire, Dharma, leader of the Shadow Cabinet, gathers his newest recruited members together and informs them of their agenda. System has come into possession of a large quantity of Quantum Juice, and a man named Nathan Flack has created a "de-quantified plasma" that radically alters the laws of physics upon deployment. To make matters worse, the Star Chamber rogue faction wishes to steal both, with the intentions of using them against the Cabinet. While several members of Star Chamber (including Holocaust, Slag, Rainsaw, Harm, Ash and Wytch) are in the middle of wrecking SYSTEMatics during their first heist, they are set upon by a Cabinet strike force (consisting of Icon, Hardware, Static, Iron Butterfly, Donner and Blitzen). The Chamber, losing, is forced to retreat using Funyl. Underneath Dharma's directions and Icon's leadership, the team thwarts the majority of the Chamber's attempts on other areas containing De-Quantified Plasma, but they are unable to stop them from acquiring the final batch. Icon is also put into direct conflict with Rocket, when the two meet on opposite sides. The two teams are forced into a final confrontation in China, where although Shadow Cabinet largely wins the actual fighting (and Rocket and Xombi both end up defecting), they are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Flack. Calling himself, Dr. Nemo, Flack reveals that he has been following both teams around, using his power to avoid being noticed. He informs the group that he was the creator of Q-Juice, and the first Bang Baby. He then attempts to detonate the entire scientific complex they're in, but Hardware is revealed to have already removed his giant Q-Juice Missile to a safe distance.
Back at the Shadowspire, Dharma congratulates the team on a job well done. All of the remaining Q-Juice is destroyed, and with the exception of Nemo and Holocaust, all members of the Star Chamber are incarcerated. He leaves an open invitation of membership to any new operatives who might want to join.


  • Shadow War continues from Static #8. This is the conclusion.
  • Although it has been hinted at before, in this issue Dharma officially admits his direct responsibility for the Big Bang tragedy.


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