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Shadow Council (Earth-616)

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Shadow Council

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Lt. Hood (deceased) Max Fury, (deceased) John Steele (deceased)


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The Shadow Council is a secret organization with connections to the Abyss (a mysterious entity which is said to power the Ultimate Nullifier). Recruitment seems to involve being taken into a timeless space outside reality and having something explained to you by entities referred to as "the ultimate sore losers"; from context, these entities lost a conflict with the Celestials and were excised from reality as a result. Their plans are vaguely understood, but will somehow result in the destruction of civilization sometime in the future.

The Shadow Council proper traces it roots to an event sometime in the 19th century, when a man named Aloysius Thorndrake found a portal to Mars and used it to go exploring. Today, Thorndrake still leads the Council. It later gained members like Max Fury (a rogue Life Model Decoy of Nick Fury) and a brainwashed John Steele.

The Council's current schemes include digging up alien artifacts on Mars, attempting to replicate the Super-Soldier serum, and resurrecting Fu Manchu.

The Shadow Council later had Max Fury form their incarnation of the Masters of Evil


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