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Shadow War was a six-part crossover, the first ever published by Milestone Media. It ran through one issue in all of their monthly titles in January, 1994. It introduced two new features to the Milestone line, Shadow Cabinet, whom the story revolved around, and Xombi.


The Shadow War was a conflict between two separate factions of the Shadow Cabinet. The main Cabinet, led by Dharma, and a faction led by Headmaster calling themselves the Star Chamber. The Star Chamber had seceded from the Cabinet, believing Dharma to have grown corrupt and dangerous. Both groups attempted to recruit new members, and while Shadow Cabinet successfully gained the aid of Hardware, Icon and Static, the Star Chamber picked up both Rocket and Xombi. During a conflict in China over a large stockpile of Quantum Juice, Rocket and Xombi left the team after realizing that Headmaster's motives were more selfish than he originally let on. Star Chamber was defeated, and its members were incarcerated.





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