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Shiruta is the capital city of the sovereign nation of Kahndaq. The city is named after the first wife of Teth-Adam who died centuries ago in ancient Egypt.

In the modern era, Teth-Adam (now known as Black Adam) staged a coup against Kahndaq's reigning government. The president was removed from power and killed by Adam's colleague, Atom-Smasher. Black Adam took control of the city and declared himself monarch of all of Kahndaq.

Some time later, the untethered Spectre Force, being manipulated by the eclipsed Jean Loring, declared Shiruta and all of Kahndaq a land of sin. He swept across the country turning dozens of Kahndaqi's into lifeless stone statues. Black Adam and his allies the Feitherans fought desperately to protect the city against the Spectre's black vengeance. The JSA arrived to assist the beleaguered Kahndaqis and Atom-Smasher bargained with the Spectre to cease his destructive rampage.[1]

A year after the Infinite Crisis event, Shiruta became the site of a massive battle between Black Adam and the Four Horsemen of Apokolips. The Horseman of pestilence, Roggra, caused a blight that swept across the country, driving the riverbeds and destroying crops. Even the elemental powers of Adam's wife, Isis was not sufficient to heal the environment. Isis and her brother, Osiris, died during their fight with the Four Horsemen.

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