Shiver and Shake was a British comic published every Monday by IPC Magazines Ltd.[1] It ran from (issues dates) 10 March 1973 to 5 October 1974, when it merged with Whoopee!.[1] As in the tradition of British comics many names of strips were a play on popular television programmes and films of the time. Similar to Monster Fun later, the theme of the strips were mainly horror (albeit of a comic nature). Indeed Frankie Stein appeared in both comics. Borrowing from the successful Whizzer and Chips, it was two comics in one; Shake being a pull-out section from Shiver. The main star of Shiver was a Ghost of the same name, whilst Shake was an elephant. Both had their own strips in their respective sections (The Duke's Spook and Shake), The Duke's Spook changing to Shiver after its merger. In 1973, the comic also featured a one page strip starring stand-up comedian Charlie Williams. Other strips in Shiver and Shake included:



Shiver & Shake ran for 83 Issues.


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