Shock Gibson is a fictional comic book superhero who first appeared in Speed Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), from Brookwood Publications, a company later absorbed by Harvey Comics). He was created by artist Maurice Scott, who drew it through issue #11, and an unknown writer. His 1939 introduction makes him one of comic books' earliest superheroes.

In the debut story, "The Human Dynamo", scientist Robert Charles Gibson perfects a formula that allows people to directly store, generate, and control Electricity, and tests this formula on himself. The formula increases his strength, gives him the power to fire bolts of lightning, and grants him the power of flight. He was one of the several superhero characters to join the US Army in the wake of World War II, fighting the Japanese military forces both in and out of costume. Shock Gibson teamed up with other Harvey Comics characters such as the Black Cat, Captain Freedom, Tedd Parish and Girl Commandos (mostly in two-page text stories). The character remained in print in various Harvey publications through 1948.

Other artists associated with the characters include Al Avison, Arthur Cazeneuve, and the possibly pseudonymous Peter Jay, who introduced a new costume in Speed Comics #12 (March 1941).

Shock Gibson is among the public domain characters Image Comics revived in an anthology title, The Next Issue Project in 2007.[1]


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