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Appearing in "The October Game"

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Synopsis for "The October Game"

A madman who hates his wife dismembers his daughter and passes around her body parts to children in a darkened cellar on Halloween.

Appearing in "Came the Dawn!"

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Synopsis for "Came the Dawn!"

A man thinks that the girl he has met in the woods may be a dangerous escaped lunatic because she matches the description, but his girlfriend ends up meeting a grim fate as the latest victim of the true escapee.

Appearing in "The Meddlers!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Meddlers!"

The folk of a small town attempt to drive away a doctor who is attempting to create life in a test tube. They smash his equipment while he suffers heart failure. His failed experiments combine in the sewer to create a blob-like living mass which devours the townsfolk.

Appearing in "Carrion Death!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Carrion Death!"

A man handcuffed to a policeman is trying to make his way through the desert on foot. He realizes that he has to separate himself from the body but has nothing sharp to cut off the dead man's hand with. He decides to lie down and allow the vultures to strip the corpse, but when he regains consciousness the vultures have already started in on him as well.

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