Appearing in "Showcase Presents: Green Arrow"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Birdman Gang
  • Booby-Trap Bandits
  • Bubble Band
  • Camouflage Gang
  • Carthan
  • Ch'Waka, Medicine Man
  • Clock King
  • "Counterfeit Carson"
  • Decoy Bandits
  • Dictator Bracato
  • Flint Morgan
  • Hector Vance “Crimson Archer”
  • Horace Kates “The Wizard”
  • Iron Archie
  • Iron Rex
  • Joey Sanders “Phantom Bandit”
  • Midas Mallory "Red Dart"
  • Mr. Miniature
  • Mr. Vention
  • Pneumatic Man
  • Shark Gang
  • Spectrum Man
  • Terris brothers
  • Vulkor

Other Characters:



  • Trick Arrows
  • Aqua-Bows
  • Arrowline
  • Arrowsled
  • Magic Bow of Diana


Synopsis for "Showcase Presents: Green Arrow"Edit

Oliver Queen mastered the bow and arrow as a matter of survival. Trapped on a desert island, the millionaire crafted his own weapons to forage for food until he was rescued. Back in his home of Star City, he chose to use his newfound skills as the costumed champion Green Arrow.

Green Arrow and Speedy are DC Comics' swashbuckling team supreme. This collection of their offbeat adventures from the 1950s and 1960s shows why they were so popular that they featured in TWO top titles. It's the Emerald Duo tackling bandits, chasing crooks and solving conundrums with energy, style, and the occasional boxing glove arrow!

Thrill as a young Oliver Queen meets Superboy, years before the archer's elected to stand beside the man of Steel in the Justice League of America. Witness classic team-ups with J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter and the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

These stories feature a who's who of the day, and includes tales from writers ed Herron, Jack Schiff, Bob Haney, and Gardner Fox along with art by Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Lee Elias and Mike Sekowsky. - From back cover.


This trade paperback reprints select stories (in black and white) and original covers from the following comic books:

  • The last issue in this compendium, Brave and the Bold #85 was published September 1969, 28 months after the last Green Arrow comic. It's implied that during this time Ollie gave up being G.A. to mature into a businessman doing good for the state as a financier (and to grow a handsome Van Dyke beard). He'd made alterations to the costume (notably trading cuffed boots for tight ones, long-cuffed gloves for a combination glove/arm guard, and a short tunic laced up the front) transforming it into the, now iconic, Green Arrow costume.


  • The cover to this collection is a colorized reproduction of an enlargement of the splash page from the Green Arrow story in Adventure Comics #268.
  • The Arrowcar's catapult first appears in "Five Clues to Danger" 1958.
  • In "Case of the Super Arrows" the Diamond Arrow can be seen in the Trophy Room of the Arrow-Cave.
  • In "Case of the Super Arrows" Green Arrow and Speedy are awarded a gold plaque from the FBI to commemorate a year of service and lists four cases: "Case of the Bowman in Black", "Case of the Dancing Dynamiter", "Case of the Bulls-Eye Bandit", "Case of the Heir who played Target". None of them are Green Arrow issues.
  • Scotland Yard sends Green Arrow Sherlock Holmes' pipe and deerstalker hat in "Case of the Super Arrows".
  • In "Five Clues to Danger" (September 1958) Professor Anderson ("one of Queen's best friends from the club") is working on artificially creating real diamonds. Synthetic diamond grit had been produced since 1953, but gem-quality diamond crystals were not possible until 1970.
  • In "Have Arrow--Will Travel" (Aug 1959) Roy Harper's PO Box is in "Central City".
  • Star City is first mentioned in "Case of the Vanishing Arrows" Nov, 1959.

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