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Siege Vol 1 3
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Appearing in "The Siege of Asgard-Intercepted"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Barack Obama
  • Secretary of Defense Ridell
  • unnamed Cabinet members
  • General Stewart (Mentioned)




Solicit Synopsis:Edit

THE MARVEL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR!! In the halls of Asgard and on the streets of small town America the entire Universe is gripped in a the greatest battle ever seen: SIEGE!! Lives have been lost! Lines have been drawn! And the battle for Asgard is in full force. The moment for revelations and life-changing moves is here, and for some, this will be the last choice they ever make in this world. What happens next is so epic, so historic, that it changes the entire dynamic of the Marvel Universe. You're gonna want to be there for this us.


  • Also includes a transmission between Maria Hill and Secretary of Defense Ridell, providing additional details on events occurring this issue.


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