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Appearing in "Fire From Heaven, Prelude 2 of 3"

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  • Mrs. Carr




Synopsis for "Fire From Heaven, Prelude 2 of 3"

On another world ruined by toxic pollutants, a man is leaving his family to conclude experiments that may save his world, despite the objections of his wife who warns of the dangers of his work. We discover this man is Damocles, and his plan is to steal the resources from other planets to sustain his own. Sigma and other rebels break in to stop him, saying that it is morally wrong. A fight breaks out and the dimensional nexus is damaged, causing it to explode, destroying the world in a flash. Damocles survives, but his family does not, and he is driven insane. We then see Dr. Simon Tsung waking up from a recurring post-apocalyptic nightmare. As he drifts back to sleep, he says, "Damocles is coming."

Meanwhile, in a commandeered I.O. stealth craft, the members of Team 7 and Gen13 are racing toward the west coast to find Dr. Tsung, who took Gen-Factor extracts of them years ago. It seems they need these extracts or they will die (this is apparantly explained in a previous issue, probably the Brothers-in-Arms storyline, but no reference is cited here).

The action cuts to the University of California, Berkeley, where we see Ethan McCain get distracted by a girl in chemistry class and burn himself with acid, but then the pain suddenly goes away. Later, as he walks around campus, we see he is being followed by Maggie Monroe, a detective hired by a Mrs. Carr for some unstated reason. Ethan goes home, where we find that he is the adopted son of Dr. Tsung and is helping him with experiments in the lab. We also see that some Gamorran Hunter-Killers are surveilling the house. Ethan gets into his virtual reality suit and enters the V.R. chamber, where Tsung sends various challenges at him--the last being a robot that looks remarkably like Damocles. It is implied that Tsung is training Ethan to fight Damocles when he arrives, but without Ethan's knowledge.

The Hunter-Killers detect a Gen-Factor spike from the V.R. training so infiltrate the house. A fight ensues and Ethan is surprised to find that he can still use his powers outside of the V.R. chamber. Then the Bounty Hunters show up and begin fighting the Hunter-Killers. The Sword shows up and kills the HKs, then approaches Sigma and Tsung.


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