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Signal to Noise (ISBN 1-56971-144-5) is a graphic novel written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Dave McKean. It was originally serialised in the UK style magazine The Face, beginning in 1989, and collected as a graphic novel in 1992, published by Victor Gollancz Ltd in the UK and by Dark Horse Comics in the US.[1]

The story examines the relationship between images of an imagined World Apocalypse and the experience of one man's personal, individual apocalypse. In it a film-maker learns he is suffering from a terminal illness, and imagines a last film which he will never have time to make before he dies.

There have been two adaptations of the graphic novel into other media: in 1996, Gaiman adapted his own story for a BBC radio broadcast, with music by McKean; and in 1999, a stage adaptation written by Marc Rosenbush and Robert Toombs was mounted in Chicago with Gaiman's cooperation.[2]


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