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Skid Kidd is a comic strip by Rod McKie. It appeared in the IPC comic book Buster.

Plot summary

The central character, Mike Kidd, is sitting around one day when out of the blue a large crate, containing a bike, lands in his garden. The bike is actually a secret weapon going under the acronym S.A.M (Super Action Machine) and the bad guys who stole the bike want it back.

Skid Kidd

The comic began as an ongoing comedy adventure where a group of villains with weird and wonderful devices that came up with ever more desperate and zany plans to recover the bike. During its run, Mike Kidd's adventures were used by the Raleigh bike company to promote a competition for their Vektor bike, which was given as a prize to the reader who solved Skid Kidd's villain problem in a special two-part episode. Over time, the format changed from continuing cliffhanger-style story, to the preferred IPC format of a gag-a-page.

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