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Slyxx was a Daemonite scientist and among those of his crew in their flying saucer that crashed landed on Earth in Nevada's Blackrock Desert in 1945. Slyxx was captured by the arriving United States military and was compensated in working for them in reverse-engineering the Daemonite spaceship's technology for the Number of the Beast (NOTB) program, under the command of General Zebulon McCandless. Slyxx is possibly the only survivor of his ship as his surviving and escaped crew mates were killed off by the cowboy adventurer, Johnny Ray-Gun.

Sixty-three years later, when the NOTB program was compromised by The High, Slyxx was summoned to Washington, D.C.'s Pentagon by General William Somerset, the current overseer of the program, as to why the reversed-engineered alien technology didn't prevented the contained metahumans from acknowledging their virtual reality imprisonment. Slyxx explained that the technology was not meant to be used as a "prison" and that the number of 'subjects' caused the program's compromise. After Somerset had launched the weaponized clones of The High known as the Reapers and were driven insane from their original programming, Slyxx explained to The High, who arrived to the Pentagon to stop his clones, that the Reapers were fully intended to destroy the world's metahumans by creating a post-apocalyptic cataclysm. After The High left to stop the Reapers, Slyxx killed all of Somerset's staffs and utilized the Pentagon's computers, stating to a surprised Somerset that he had left a message to the Daemonite command-creche with the words, "mission accomplished." Slyxx's message definitely stated that the Daemonites had planned Earth's cataclysm from the very beginning of the NOTB program.[1]

During an indefinite time following after Armageddon, Slyxx was forcefully recruited by Lord Defile into help creating a hybrid army of Daemonites infused with vampire genes to be used against the Daemon High Council, who intended on invading Earth at a specific date. Wetworks members Jester and Grail were captured and brought to Slyxx to be used as hosts for the hybrids. While examining the Wetworks agents, Slyxx noticed they had tracking devices on their persons and decided to keep this a secret from Defile in order for Wetworks to confront Defile and liberate himself in the process. Although Wetworks founded Defile and his Cabal, Slyxx was still under Defile's captivity after the Cabal retreated.[2]

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