Space Cabbie
Space Cabbie, art by Ernie Chan
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Mystery in Space #21 (August 1954)
Created by Otto Binder (writer)
Howard Sherman (artist)
In-story information
Notable aliases Space Cabby
Abilities Expert driver.

Space Cabbie (also spelled Space Cabby) is a science fiction character that first appeared in the comic book Mystery in Space #21 (August 1954). He was series created by Otto Binder and Howard Sherman.

Fictional character biography

In the middle of the 22nd century he has a job driving for 9-Planet Taxi. As a child he grew up among the military tyrants of Ghengkis VII. He showed an aptitude for stellar navigation. During the 'Bored Wars' of 2146 he was a fighter pilot. He took jobs as a laborer and a pilot for hire. He eventually took up driving cab #7433. He is a member of the 'Cosmic Order Of Space Cab Pilots' and 'Veterans Of Alien Wars'.

His first appearance is as a narrator, telling tales to his fares.[1] Over the next handful of issues, he has his cab stolen, meets his exact double and has to deal with a mail bomb. His adventures dominate the title 'Mystery In Space'. The series ends with #47, where he has to deal with three doubles.[2]

He is seen conversing about space exploration to a friend.[3] He is briefly seen in the round-robin 'Challenge' limited series.[4]

At one point, he and his cab were co-opted by Lobo. The two chased down a gang of space bikers. Lobo leaves Space Cabbie, who is charged with reckless driving, murder, and other crimes. On the way to prison, Lobo saves him and returns his cab. The discrepancy of a modern-age character appearing with a 'future' one is explained when Space Cabbie mentions on the witness stand that he took a day job in the present to help make ends meet.[5]

Space Cabbie plays host to two passengers talking about the legacy of 'Starman', a name given to multiple heroes over many decades.[6]

He has a brief cameo when Timothy Hunter takes a magical trip into the future.[7] He makes another cameo in the time-torn plot of 'JLA The Nail'.[8]

He assists Superman, who is ill, across the time stream itself. Both come under weapons fire.[9]

He gains a reputation for being able to take anyone anywhere in the universe.[10]

Publication history

Space Cabbie first appeared in Mystery in Space #21 (August 1954) in a story scripted by Binder and drawn by Sherman. The character reappeared in issue #24, in the story "The Hitchhiker of Space", written by France Herron and again drawn by Sherman, and thereafter became a recurring series in Mystery in Space, the only such in the book for the whole time that the series was being first printed. Besides Binder, Gardner Fox would write many appearances, and artwork was handled by Gil Kane and Bernard Sachs. The Cabbie's monthly series continued to 1958 with Mystery in Space #47; the character's last appearance as a lead feature would be in August 1972 in From Beyond the Unknown #18, a reprint of "The Hitchiker of Space." His last solo appearance in a comic book was in DC Super Stars #6 which was published in August 1976. It was a reprint of a story called "The Luxury Limousine of Space". Otto Binder wrote that story as well.

Space Cabbie has since then made occasional guest appearances in other comics, such as Starman, and DC Comics Presents #78. He is set to appear in new 52 series Threshold

Other appearances


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