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Appearing in "Warrior Spirit part 1"

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Synopsis for "Warrior Spirit part 1"

At Halo, a squad of Spartan drones awaken in the night, blast a security guard, and escape. Elsewhere, the WildC.A.T.s battle Hellslayer, Daemonites, and their Hybridroids who have abducted the children of several world leaders. Spartan holds the villains at bay while the rest of the team evacuates the kids. Hellslayer and the Daemonites flee and detonate the Hybridroids’ self-destruct devices, killing Spartan. He awakens in a new body with amnesia, greeted by Dr. Able and Able’s daughter, Allison. Able tells Spartan his real name is Zachary Krieger and that Allison is his wife. Just then, Spartan fends off an attack by a Gamorran Hunter-Killer. They are all in a temple in the mountains of Tibet that is under siege by Gamorran forces. Spartan single-handedly beats back the Hunter-Killers and then goes about organizing the temple residents and local villagers into a viable defense force. Later, he patrols the temple and finds a room covered in mystic runes and containing a strange, experimental machine. An alarm sounds, signaling the Gamorrans are attacking again, led this time by a mercenary called Frontline.  While the villagers battle the Hunter-Killers, Spartan engages Frontline one on one and defeats him.


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