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Al confides in Granny Blake is fear for her safety if he continues to visit her but, his concern is met with a light sermon. When Cog breaks into Spawn’s personal asylum; he discovers that the costume is beginning to possess him. Cog showing fear is swallowed and vomited by the cape. Able to free Al from the evil cape’s grip he admonishes Al to use its power. Finally, Al humbly asks Cog for help.

Terry visits the doctor who orders routine tests. Preoccupied with the pending test results and Wanda’s murder conspiracy against him, he blacks out and is involved in a serious accident and ends up in the hospital. Wanda receives a phone call about Terry’s accident and rushes over.

Cy-Gor lurks in New York City looking for Simmons.

On the edge since the mysterious file was slipped under the door, and feeling the financial pressure of starting their new business, Twitch pulls his gun when the car blows a rod. Sam calms the apologetic Twitch down and announces he has a surprise for him.


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