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  • Special Marvel Edition changed its title but not its numbering after this issue.
  • The character Midnight (M'Nai) should not be confused with Midnight (Jeff Wilde) or Midnight Man; however, Midnight Sun is a later incarnation of M'nai. M'Nai makes a chronologically earlier appearance in the second story in Iron Man, annual #4. He also appears in flashback in this issue. Midnight chronologically appears next in flashback in Master of Kung Fu, #41.


  • Midnight was a copy of DC's Shadow. Unfortunately, DC had already acquired the rights to a Golden Age character named Midnight. See the Grand Comics Database article on this issue.
  • Roy Thomas consulted with Edward Summer (Ed Summer) for the design of Shang Chi. Summer contributed the dragon-shaped scar on Shang Chi's arm which was based upon characters appearing in early Chinese martial arts films. This set-up was to pay off in a confrontation between Shang Chi and a character with a snake-shaped scar on his arm.

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