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Spencer Monroe
The Walking Dead character
Created by Robert Kirkman
Charlie Adlard
Portrayed by Austin Nichols
Occupation Television:
Look-Out for the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Family Comic:
Douglas Monroe (father)
Regina Monroe (mother)
Deanna Monroe (mother)
Reg Monroe (father)
Aiden Monroe (brother)

Spencer Monroe is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where he is portrayed by Austin Nichols. He is the son of the Alexandria Safe Zone leader, Douglas Monroe and his wife, Regina. He is known for being cowardly, jealous and selfish, while trying to build a relationship with Andrea. In the television series, he is the son of Deanna and Reg, and has a brother named Aiden. In the TV series, He fell in love with Rosita Espinosa and started a relationship with her after she broke up with Abraham, but shortly ended when Spencer was killed by Negan.

Comic book series

Spencer Monroe is the son of Douglas and Regina, who lead Alexandria. At the dinner party hosted for the newcomers, Spencer bonds with Andrea, the group's primary sharpshooter. He appears very interested in her change from being a clerk in a lawyer's office to an excellent marksman. He insists she should show a demonstration of her shooting skills. Andrea appears less interested, and is shown shocked to discover Spencer is Douglas' son (who flirted with her upon Andrea's group's arrival).

Spencer eventually invites Andrea over for dinner where she says that she is not interested in a relationship at the moment. When the herd attacks the Safe-Zone and Andrea is trapped in the clock tower, Spencer joins Heath and Glenn to try and bring her supplies. The four of them become stranded on a rooftop outside of the wall and contemplate how they can help the rest of the Safe-Zone residents. Spencer suggests that he and Andrea leave everyone (including his own father) and go off on their own. Andrea is shocked by his cowardice and responds to his suggestion by punching him and declaring "That's about the end of you and me."

Andrea is disgusted by Spencer's behavior and does not accept his apologies in rekindling their relationship. When Andrea tells him that there was nothing between them, he soon becomes the co-conspirator in Rick Grimes' assassination attempt, which is quickly ended. Spencer grows jealous of Rick and Andrea's relationship, and voices his disagreement with Rick's leadership decisions, after he takes over the role from his father.

While Rick is at The Kingdom meeting with King Ezekiel, Negan stops by at the Alexandria Safe Zone. He is told that Rick is busy gathering supplies, so Negan decides to rest at one of the vacant houses. Spencer approaches Negan and tells him that Rick isn't fit to be the leader and that he should be killed. Negan requests that Spencer walk with him so they could talk about Rick. Negan then proceeds to talk about how Rick is out gathering supplies so that he wouldn't hurt anyone while Spencer waited until Rick was gone so he could talk to him and told him to do his dirty work, and that he has no guts. Negan then swiftly slices open Spencer's stomach with a knife, leaving his guts hanging out of his open stomach. Despite their problems, Andrea cries over Spencer's death, believing he did not deserve what happened to him.

Television series

File:Austin Nichols at the 2012 Comic-Con.jpg

Austin Nichols (pictured in 2012) portrays Spencer Monroe in the TV series.

Season 5

In the episode "Forget", Spencer is mentioned by Deanna as the one who had placed the rifle upon the lookout in the clock tower. He is later seen at the party where he meets Sasha and tries to strike up a conversation with her by talking about Mrs. Neudermyer and how she wants a pasta maker. However, Sasha turns him down and walks away. He then witnesses her snapping at the others after getting overwhelmed by everyone and the general atmosphere. In the episode "Try", Spencer is seen with Reg and Deanna as they mourn over the loss of Aiden while listening to one of his mix CDs. He is later seen alongside his family, witnessing the fight between Rick and Pete in the town square, and is among all of the residents who hear Rick's rant about Alexandria's mindset being their downfall. In the season finale "Conquer", Spencer was on guard duty when Father Gabriel approached the gate in order to take a stroll beyond the walls but Gabriel declines Spencer's offer for a gun. When Gabriel returns, Spencer asks him to close the gate as he gets ready for the community forum. At the meeting, he listens to the townspeople and members of Rick's group speak about Rick. When Rick arrives with a dead zombie, Spencer is dispatched by his mother to check the gates after the people are notified that someone [Gabriel] left the gate open.

Season 6

In the season premiere "First Time Again", Spencer listens as Carter states his plan to overthrow Rick and his group. In the episode "JSS", Spencer is on watch when the Wolves attack, and kills a driver trying to drive a truck through Alexandria's front gates. In the episode "Now", Deanna catches Spencer with stolen food and liquor after he had warned others not to take any extra. In the episode "Heads Up", Rick saves Spencer's life when Spencer unsuccessfully tried to grapple his way out of Alexandria after the Wolves' attack.

In the mid-season premiere "No Way Out", Spencer helps out in the infirmary with Carl, who had been shot in the eye. In the episode "The Next World", Spencer kills his mother Deanna, who had been turned into a walker, and buries her. In the episode "Twice as Far", Spencer is seen in bed with Rosita, and it is implied they are in a relationship together. In the season finale "Last Day on Earth", Spencer asks Rick if it is too late to make a deal with the Saviors.

Season 7

In the episode "Service", Spencer goes with Rosita on a supply run after the Saviors arrive to take their tribute. In the episode "Sing Me a Song", Spencer goes on a supply run, and comes back with a large cache of food and supplies that he intends to give to the Saviors. In the episode "Hearts Still Beating", he approaches Negan in attempt to convince him to let him take over Alexandria from Rick, but Negan considers him a coward and disembowels Spencer. Rick later finds Spencer reanimated and kills him.

Development and reception

Spencer Monroe is portrayed by Austin Nichols on The Walking Dead television series.[1]