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  • The flashback Peter has of a previous encounter he had (as Spider-Man) with Magneto is actually a clip from the Spider-Man episode "When Magneto Speaks, People Listen".
  • Peter and Bobby discuss their true feelings for Angelica in this episodes. It seems that the flame burns deep for a lovesick Peter. Strangely their relationship is never explored this deeply again in any of the second or third season episodes.
  • When originally purchased by NBC, this story was "sloppy and incomprehensible." Donald F. Glut was asked to re-write it, but unfortunately had to retain the majority of the original story to appease NBC. Due to his restrictions, the show still came out as "typical Saturday morning fare."
  • Illusions cast by Mastermind: Mephisto, Psyklop, Annihilus, and Zarathos/Ghost Rider.


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