City of St. Roch

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City of St. Roch
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Saint Roch; The City the Saints Forgot

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Quote1 One thing I learned in this armpit of a city—Don' mess with the rats. Quote2
-- Warwhip


According to Angel Killer, the city of St. Roch was originally called La Moyne. In 1868 rodents carrying Yellow Fever arrived from Europe. Earlier, in the late 1300's/early 1400's, St. Roch, the person, disguised himself as a Mendicant Pilgrim and encountered a plague in a place called Aquapendente. There he first used his "power" to cure the plague using the sign of the cross (he had been born with a red cross on his chest). He proceeded to cure the plague wherever he went. In 1414 the city of Constance, which also had been affected by plague, ordered public prayers in honor of St. Roch and the plague was cured. Thus, in La Moyne, when the Yellow Fever plague occurred, the city also performed public prayer to St. Roch and, again, the plague was cured. The city of La Moyne renamed itself St. Roch in his honor.

Points of Interest

  • 88 Keyes
  • Bach's Bourree
  • Craddock House
  • Down by the Levee Retirement Community
  • Downtown St. Roch
  • Nightshade Apartments
  • Ethon Tower
  • Glen Wilson Research Center
  • Le Lion D'or
  • Le Moyne Paper mill
  • Lure (Nightclub)
  • Stonechat Museum
  • St. Roch Cemetery
  • St. Roch University
  • Willowbrook Sanctuary


  • The St. Roch Jazz Festival







  • The culture and architecture of St. Roch is styled after that of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • St. Roch is also the name of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner, the first vessel to complete a Pacific to Atlantic voyage through the Northwest Passage.

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