Appearing in "The Avatar and the Chimera"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Avatar and the Chimera"Edit

The Chimera (a mirage of sorts), captive and lonely, calls upon a champion, the Avatar ¦ an angel in disguise -an innocent savage. The Avatar awakes and wanders into the forest where he is momentarily captivated by his own image in the water. But the tears of the Chimera recall him and he seeks out her temple.

Once inside he is tantalized by the voiceless evanescent Chimera as she leads him upward to an attic where he finds a knife and a key. He is drawn through a mirror, the portal to her underwater playground. No sooner are they met than than a monstrosity sent by her demon captor appears, strikes down the Avatar and bears the Chimera away. Underwater, The Avatar regains his senses. In a swirl of mist he finds himself in a snow-swept land of ice. He makes his way to a cave wherein he finds the castle of the demon captor. He enters. The monstrosity attacks and is impaled on a spear. The Avatar murders the demon captor and extends his bloody hands to the Chimera. The Chimera is horrified, disappears and the castle and the land of ice are swept away. The Avatar is left on a sun baked plain - alone. In disgust he smashes the knife and rejects the way of the mindless barbarian. A tower rises out of the sun and with his key he crosses its threshold. There is a shield and a suit of golden armor. He dons it. Transfigured, he rises from the crashing waves and by the pounding sea is reunited with the fully materialized Chimera. They sail across the sea and into the sun.

Appearing in "The Rabbit Wonder Meets the Barbarian Bully"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Rabbit Wonder Meets the Barbarian Bully"Edit

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Synopsis for "Divine Wind"Edit

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