Harvey2 Official Name
Star Sapphire
Harvey2 Lead Designer
Harvey2 Place of Creation
Harvey2 Place of Destruction
Harvey2 Origin
Created by the Zamarons to select a Queen.
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The Star Sapphire is a mystical gemstone that houses and channels the violet energy of the alien Zamarons. It's abilities and mechanics are similar in function to that of a Green Lantern Ring. However, whereas the Green Lantern Ring channeled willpower, the Star Sapphire channeled love, one of the energies of the emotional electromagnetic spectrum which most influences the wielder. Each host who assumed the name Star Sapphire also took charge of the gemstone, which was traditionally adorned upon their headpiece. Some versions of the Star Sapphire have also been utilized as handheld weapons.

Following the Zamarons' realization that the Star Sapphire was uncontrollable, they converted the gem into a Violet Central Power Battery fuel the rings of the Star Sapphire Corps.


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