Quote1.png Forget it, captain. It is not going to happen. Quote2.png
-- Shadow Lass rebuffs Captain Kirk's advances.

Appearing in "Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Star Trek Crew
  • Captain James T. Kirk
  • Commander Spock
  • Lt. Commander Leonard McCoy
  • Hikaru Sulu
  • Lt. Nyota Uhura
  • Ensign Pavel Chekov

Supporting Characters:

  • Q


Other Characters:


  • Imperial Planets (in an unnamed universe in the 23rd Century)
  • The Emperor's Palace



Synopsis for "Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes"Edit



Vandar the Stone's collections of time machines seem to include: Dr. Who's TARDIS, the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill, a Time Bubble, the car from "Back to the Future", H.G. Well's "Time Machine", a "Hot Tub Time Machine", a StarGate, and several others.

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