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Commander Shelby, Wesley Crusher, O'Brien and several others from the battle section beam aboard the bridge of the Enterprise to take command. Shelby reluctantly continues to take orders from Captain Riker. Picard decides to help Captain Riker and asks that Dr. Crusher beam over to the battle section also. O'Brien and Wesley find Dr. Crusher with Keiko and Molly. Molly thinks O'Brien is her daddy but Keiko and Dr. Crusher recognize them as different people. Wesley escorts the doctor to the transporter. Dr. Crusher learns that Wesley's mom has probably been assimilated by the Borg and she vows to help. Picard and Data volunteer to find Locutus aboard the Borg ship and bring him back. While the Enterprise and the battle section provide cover, Picard and Data board the Borg vessel only to discover that Locutus is not present.


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