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Lwaxana Troi is travelling with the Enterprise to attend a diplomatic conference. The Eregeus are considering joining the Federation and their neighbors, the Sakerions, are hosting the conference. Lwaxana convinces Picard that Alexander and his classmates should attend the conference to get "a taste of democracy in action". Picard agrees, as long as Worf and a security team accompany the children. Also attending the conference are Deanna, Geordi, Dr. Crusher, and Dr. Selar. When the Enterprise away team arrives at the conference hall, they are attacked by unseen assailants. Worf, Alexander, Geordi, Lwaxana, Deana, and Selar are abducted, and awaken in a laboratory. Deanna finds herself sharing Alexander's body, Selar shares Geordi's body, and Worf finds himself in Lwaxana's body. When they attempt to escape from the laboratory, the Eregeus confront them.


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