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On the planet of the Guardian of Forever, Kirk has nightmares about a Klingon killing his son. Spock and David determine that the flow of time has been altered in the Klingons' past. They record the original progression of events and the altered timeline to study. Spock informs Kirk that in the timeline they wish to reestablish, David has been murdered by Klingons. Kirk considers stranding David on the planet, where he will be insulated from changes in time. Lt. Worf is troubled by the changes that will come. Klingons are devoted to the arts and sciences, not the art of war. Ambassador Kor (Errand of Mercy) examines the time records with Spock. They learn that the assassination of a pivotal figure in Klingon history never took place. Kirk volunteers to lead the team which will try to restore the original timeline. Going with him are Kor, Admiral Jaricus, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura, and Lt. Worf.


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