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Synopsis for "The Arena of the Frost-Dragon"Edit

The Mygorg chieftain has a mutated human giant in the pit of an arena face off against a giant Frost Dragon. The Dragon exhales its freezing breath upon the giant, but the man manages to snap off one of its antlers and drives it into the creature's side. Suddenly, Starfire arrives and dives into the throng of spectators armed only with a dagger. The giant seeks refuge in a metal cage, and Starfire's band of rebels defeat the Mygorg. The rebels bring the cage with the giant along and move from the arena deep into the forest. It is at this point that Starfire names the mute giant "Thump".

Later, the mute frees himself from the cage and befriends Starfire. She then consults with the ageing priest, Anzus, and asks him about the map leading to the lost lair of the Lightning Lords. Anzus cannot decipher the Mygorg text, but simple-minded Thump appears to understand the alien writing.

Later, the Mygorg chieftain deploys a slave-scout named Moonwatcher to track down Starfire and her rebels. Moonwatcher, however, has his own plans. Late at night, he kills his Mygorg slave master and sneaks out into the night. He tracks Starfire to her forest camp and joins the rebel faction.

The following evening, Starfire leads a raid on a small village. They attack the Mygorg keepers and free several dozen humans from the bonds of slavery. Recruiting several more able-bodied rebels, the band continues its search for the elusive Lightning Lords.


  • Moonwatcher and Thump become supporting characters for the series with this issue.


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