Quote1 If my comrade's intuition is wrong about this monster, we're both roasted meat-- Quote2
-- Starfire

Appearing in "Here There be Monsters"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Keeper
  • The Sacred Guardian Beast

Other Characters:

  • George




Synopsis for "Here There be Monsters"Edit

Starfire and her band try to make their way to the stronghold of the Lightning Lords. She and Thump come across a tank, and have no idea what it is. They try to attack it to no avail. It fires back and takes off, so they decide to follow it. Once again, they meet the metal monster in combat, this time defeating it. Wondering if they are closer to their destination, the pair suddenly find themselves mysteriously teleported into the Lightning Lords stronghold. They are greeted by The Keeper, who tells them that they "have earned the right to die-- or prove (them)selves worthy." Thump realizes that a computer is controlling things and shuts it down. The Sacred Guardian Beast, now free from The Keeper's control, is attacked by Starfire. The Lightning Lords watch as Starfire kills it. Angered by the slaughter of their sacred beast, they turn their spears towards Starfire and Thump. However, they see that Thump is wearing a necklace with a "symbol of the law", and for reasons not entirly known, bow before them instead of killing them.


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