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Quote1.png First, you must learn to fear my name! Starfire, Yorg! Starfire! Quote2.png
-- Starfire

Appearing in "Freedom Never Dies"Edit

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  • Keeper (First appearance)


Synopsis for "Freedom Never Dies"Edit

While her fellow rebels battle the Mygorg in the surrounding forests, Starfire sneaks into the Citadel of the Lightning Lords. Armed with a laser pistol, she opens fire on Lady Djinn's Yorg allies.

Lady Djinn meanwhile is in the main tower with the massive Keeper computer system. She attempts to use her magic to upgrade Keeper's programming, but the task is a slow and arduous process. Yorg agents enter the tower and inform Djinn that Starfire is somewhere in the Citadel. She leaves Keeper in order to track Starfire herself. Keeper recognizes that Djinn's objectives are counter to its own, and makes plans to betray her. It upgrades its own systems and begins teleporting Starfire’s rebels from the Mygorg camp into the Citadel.

After battling through a horde of shadowy Yorg, Starfire finally reunites with Moonwatcher. Together, they search the Citadel until they find their captured friend, Thump. They free him from his energy prison and proceed to find Keeper.

The Mygorg warriors know that the rebels have been teleported to the Citadel. They approach the Citadel steps and enter into an uneasy alliance with Lady Djinn.

Starfire, Thump and Moonwatcher find the Keeper, and ask him about the Lightning Lords. The Keeper tells them that the Lords were once an advanced society until the day that the Mygorg and Yorg invaders came to their planet. Lady Djinn recognized that the Lords were on the verge of losing their power base, and manipulated herself into becoming their queen. The Lightning Lords were exiled from the Citadel into the surrounding valleys. Over the course of several years, they lost touch with society and evolved into a roving tribe of barbarians. Starfire learns that Thump was once the Keeper’s primary programmer, but Lady Djinn’s magic turned him into an addle-brained mute.

With Thump's aid, the Keeper takes full control of all of the tower's computer systems and teleports Starfire and her friends far away to a safe location. Lady Djinn realizes that Keeper has programmed himself to self-destruct and uses her magic to flee the Citadel. The tower explodes and the reign of Lady Djinn comes to an end.


  • This issue contains flashbacks to events chronicled in issue #6.


  • One of the Mygorg is seen shouting, "Moon of Munnoporr!" This is a variation of an oath frequently invoked by the Marvel Comics sorcerer, Doctor Strange.

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